If you’re looking for low-cost services to have your pet “fixed” (spayed for female pets, and neutered for male pets), in the Tulsa area the best place to contact is Spay Oklahoma. Visit the Spay Oklahoma website or call them for more information about their services. Here is the contact information for both their locations:


North Tulsa Clinic
36th Street North

South Tulsa Clinic


Adult Cat $30 (includes a rabies shot and a pain injection)
Kitten $20 (5 months old & younger and a pain injection)
Adult Dogs $40 (includes a rabies shot and a pain injection)
Puppy $30 (5 months & younger and a pain injection)

Additional one-time services at time of surgery

Vaccinations for adult and young dogs and cats
Dogs – routine vaccinations, $5 each
Cats – routine vaccinations, $5 each
Puppies – routine vaccinations, $5 each
Kittens – routine vaccinations, $5 each
De-worming – routine vaccinations, $5 each
Toe nails trimmed at no charge